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McMahan Shoes
1809 E. 7th St.
Charlotte, NC 28204

Phone: 704-376-1406
Fax: 704-376-6265

Business Hours

Tuesday - Friday  9am to 5 pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm

Always closed on Sunday and Monday

No appointment is necessary
We offer a full
range of quality pedorthic services
Shoe fitting - We work with our customers "one on one" discussing
  any issues that may be relevant to the fitting. Knowing that all shoes do
  fit differently, we always begin the fitting process by measuring and
  observing both feet to help determine the proper size and shoe to meet 
  the customer's needs.

Custom Orthotics -  Our custom orthotics utilize the latest "Total 
  Contact" techiques to ensure maximum support and comfort. Our 
  orthotics are hand made in our facility to specifications determined by 
  you, your doctor and our highly experienced technician. Turn around
  time is generally five business days or less and any follow up 
  adjustments are done while you wait at no additional charge. You are
  never without your McMahan Shoes orthotics!

Preformed Orthotics - We offer a wide selection of preformed
  supports that we customize for you according to your particular needs
  or your physician's request. These types of devices can be very effective
  in treating simple arch and ball of the foot issues.

Shoe Modification - Our on site shop is able to provide any type of
  orthopedic modification from elevations and lifts to rocker soles, 
  stabilizers, flares and wedges.

Custom Molded Shoes - With your physician's prescription we
  are able to provide the finest quality custom shoes available.
  Note: an appointment is often required for the casting of custom

Doctor's Prescriptions - We are able to fill any orthopedic
  foot related prescriptions for shoes, inserts and shoe

Come in today and end the 

Foot Pain Doesn't
Have to Ruin 
Your Life!